Monday, December 22, 2014

Learn and Rejoice: God, The Hupla Bible, and Missions

This video from Mission Aviation Fellowship features the presentation of the complete Bible to the Hupla people of Papua, Indonesia, translated into their heart language. God's Word is for every tribe and tongue! This is glorious!

 A few things to note:

1. One of the men of the Hupla tribe was eager to read the Bible in his heart language with others from his tribe, and to understand it on a deeper level. Ever wonder why translators bother to learn a tribal language, create a written language in that tongue, teach the indigenous speakers to read it, and then invest 20+ years of their lives translating, when they could just teach the people to read English? This is why, and it's worth it! Translating the Bible into a heart language communicates God's love for every tongue (compare this with Islam, which teaches you must know Arabic to read the Qu'ran), and it allows his people to understand him on a deeper level. As a native English speaker, how well would you know God if you only had the Spanish Bible?

 2. The translator hoped that local theologians would begin digging into the Word and applying it to the lives of the Hupla people. This shows a philosophy of ministry that is biblically essential: missionaries should always be working themselves out of a job by empowering local men & women to do the work of the ministry. One of World Team's four Core Values is Developing & Releasing Leaders. We always begin a ministry project with the end in mind, seeking to avoid dependance on missionaries and outside help by engaging in ministry in ways that indigenous Christians can reproduce with only the resources they have so they feel empowered to do what we do.


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